Snail Friends

I just love how simple things are the best learning experiences with small children.

You can take them to a museum, a farm, a zoo, an aquarium, but at the end of the day, a walk in the rain can be just as exciting!

And so we decided to go on a snail hunt.

Across the lawn to see if our seedlings have grown…

Balance along the side of the slippery path way…

Splash in the puddles… 

Watch the circle shapes the rain drops make…

Oh look! More puddles!

And look now! A snail!

And another!

We found five!

And brought them home to observe…

We watched them make slimy silver snail trails…

And we watched them trying to escape…

We kept them to show the big kids when they came home from school.

Despite protestation, we took the snails home – 

but made our own snail-y friends from plasticine…

Some with real shells…

All coming together for a snail party! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Snail Friends

    I remember that my godchild kept snails in a terrarium, and she loved them to bits, like any other pet.
    My Mum and I still get excited over them, they look so pretty and elf- like with their fragile little shells and soft colours. Never mind the slime, nobody is perfect! And, if I remember correctly, even the slime has its use as it can be turned into glue.
    Gotta love snails!

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